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Cinema Development Foundation
Cinema Development Foundation has been funded in 2006. The main priority of the Foundation is supporting development of the cinema market, dissemination of the knowledge of the cinema and promoting new technologies. Foundation pursues an intense activity educational and cultural.

It is under the patronage of this foundation we have founded digital cinemas association (Malopolska d-cinemas network). We provide digital cinema DCI compliant equipment (2K) for our members. What’s more we provide our help with sharing know-how as well as obtaining new and attractive cinemas offers. Malopolska d-cinemas network is first such organization in Poland. By the end of spring 2010 we have installed digital systems with 3D equipment in ten cinemas in Southern Poland. In 2011 we increased the range of association activity on the next two cinemas. Now, there are 18 d- cinemas in the network.

Due to high quality of digital equipment all members of network are technically suited to organize direct live event transmissions from all around the world. Actually we cooperate with Polish Digital Cinemas Network:

Foundation gathers young, open minded and creative people with various skills and education from psychologist thru cultural experts to lawyers which share common interest and passion in fulfilling the foundations purpose.

Contact us
ul.Pychowicka 7, 30-364 Kraków, Poland
NIP: 676 23 12468
tel: 0048 12 3783896
fax: 0048 12 2671060
mob: +48 601 936 901